The Brand

Veronica Beard is a fast-growing contemporary women’s fashion brand focusing on a balance between cool and classic. Their elevated read-to-wear pieces are designed to empower women “from day to night, work to = weekend, and everywhere in between.” Since launching in 2010 with their signature style Dickey Jacket, Veronica Beard has rapidly grown as a successful women’s fashion brand.

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The Challenge

In late Summer of 2017 AKDM was challenged to take Veronica Beard’s growth to a new level. Initial goals were set to build upon the brand’s rapid growth and optimize towards a high return on ad spend. AKDM worked directly with their branding partner to build and promote an awareness campaign that would maximize awareness with limited budget over a short period of time. The campaign would target an entirely new customer base and would attempt to reach and influence as many qualified audiences as possible.

The Strategy

The campaign “Slash” was launched in September of 2017 featuring 3 influencers who were highlighted in campaign videos and creative assets. The videos emphasized the versatility of a typical Veronica Beard consumer through the lens of 3 influential individuals. AKDM developed a launch strategy to reach these audiences across the web through YouTube TrueView, Facebook, and Programmatic Display.

The Results

With a minimal spend the campaign generated over 7MM impressions and proved to be a big success. Average CTR over the course of the campaign was 12%, leading to a 43% increase in site visits, 93% of which were from new users. In addition to the huge exposure and increase in traffic, revenue also increased 25% in this time. A Google-led brand lift study following the campaign also validated the impact of the campaigns on driving additional brand consideration and recall.

7M Impressions

12% Average CTR

25% Revenue Increase